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Premium: The email that got me into Techstars

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Getting into an accelerator

At the end of this edition, the post-interview email that got me into Techstars /+ ABN AMRO bank accelerator in September ‘23.

Should you get into an accelerator? - Often it’s easier said than done.

Here are the basics you need to get into an accelerator like YC, Techstars, Antler:

  • Strong team with complementary skills (e.g. CEO, CTO). No solopreneurs

  • Have early traction, ideally MRR (monthly recurring revenue) or at B2C least leads at low cost ($2) and/or LOI - letter of interests for B2B

  • Have a project in a fast growing industry e.g. AI, blockchain

Now, often these things alone are not enough.

You need great documentation - just as you were raising a VC round.

After all, accelerators will bet on people that look like they can raise a VC round afterwards

In my experience, I’ve done both Antler & Techstars accelerators and I’ll say they are indeed worthy.

You are giving up equity and control - but at the same time you are getting a great human experience, tools to succeed faster and an initial risk capital you can use not to risk your life savings.

10 FinTech Startups are selected every year by ABN AMRO Bank + Techstars to revolutionize the world of FinTech

So give it a try, copy my seed data room and get documentation ready for your accelerator:

  • Short Pitch (12 pages)

  • Long Pitch (up to 24 pages)

  • Financial Model

  • Unit Economics

  • Product Demo

  • Live Customers Links

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Premium: The email that got me into Techstars

Before getting into Techstars accelerator the team was not convinced about the original idea. Yet, they took as in due to the quality of the team and the info provided on following up on each doubt and question the team had on our business.

Check out how we’ve done it:

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