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hypeal.com Investor Update | 100+ Merchant Installs

July 2024

On today’s edition: Our latest investor update of my current startup, hypeal.com

Dear All,

Thanks for following our journey at hypeal.com.

We lately focused our efforts on launching our shopify app to reach 2+ millions of merchants, learning from our early adopters' requests and adapting our product accordingly. 

New VIP Memberships Highlights

Latest Milestones

  • 100+ Shopify Merchant Installs: Since our FREE app publicly launch in June '24 merchants found and downloaded our app while looking for loyalty solutions, 90% organically. This is the first time in my journey as a founder that I discovered organic traffic as a powerful tool i.e. building where people are looking for a solution already.

  • $23 Cost Per Install: Go premium to see the full version

  • #1 Ranked Shopify App on "VIP memberships": Go premium to see the full version

  • 120 Merchant Calls: Our B2B funnel booked these through calendly for a total Annual Recurring Revenue opportunity of $481,250. We also recorded 6 podcast episodes among the e-commerce & loyalty experts contacted to drive awareness.

What's Next?


  • Intros to Shopify Merchants looking to improve customer loyalty

  • Review and test our Shopify App

& that’s a wrap.

Hope you enjoyed the investor update and that you’ll send monthly yours from now on.

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