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  • hypeal.com Investor Update | 💸 First $1K ARR | 🧾 a16z leads $7M Seed in web3 loyalty

hypeal.com Investor Update | 💸 First $1K ARR | 🧾 a16z leads $7M Seed in web3 loyalty

April 2024

On today’s edition: Our latest investor update to raise $2M seed from investors - enjoy it!

Thanks for following our journey at hypeal.com.

Here's what happened last month:

🪪 HYPES, Loyalty Tokens, Digital Collectibles, Loyalty Cards: Current product offering resulting from A/B testing: Paid Digital Loyalty Cards For E-Commerce VIPs 

  • Unlock prime shopping experiences

  • Increase frequency and average order value

  • Acquire new customers by swapping rewards with other brands

💸 First $1K ARR: 8 Paying Customers (of which 1 SaaS), 152 Digital Loyalty Cards Sold, 32 used, $12k Brand Revenue Generated. First $10k ARR growth will come from adding more shopify stores to our private app (now only 1 of 8 Customers are using it). KPIs

📱B2B App Private Launch: 1 Customer is using Hypeal's Shopify Private App with more to follow before public release to scale ARR.

👟 TropicFeel, H&M, Reebok & Mastercard invited us to pitch our technology and solution this month. Earlier we closed a partnership with Mastercard Start Path Pulse to develop web3 loyalty further. Current GTM strategy is to go after long-tail of smaller shopify stores and increase client size and complexity with growth.

🏦 EIS/SEIS eligibility: we kicked off the process to be eligible for tax benefits to appeal to UK investors.

🧾 a16z leads $7M Seed in web3 loyalty (9th April): Kiki world: "a loyal user of a brand in the Web 2.0 world can be a net negative experience". Article

❓ Ask(s): 

1) Shopify Store Owners to test our app in your network

2) EIS/SEIS investors intro in B2B SaaS, E-Commerce Infrastructure, Blockchain

If you want to get involved as an investor or partner, or just want to brainstorm together here's my calendar to chat.



Marco Fazio | CEO | hypeal.com - Connecting Brands With Open Loyalty Programs

hypeal.com is a B2B SaaS empowering brands to launch open loyalty programs, where shoppers can swap benefits across stores. This reduces complexity of managing multiple programs for consumers, while creating a new 1st party marketing opportunity for brands.  

With hypeal.com, brands get:

➤ Up to 180% lift on Average Order Value

➤ On the top 8% loyal customers

Since August ‘23 we have raised $200,000  from ABN AMRO + Techstars, got incubated by Mastercard Start Path Pulse, signed 8 customers and generated $10,000+  in incremental revenue on our MVP. The team has already launched, scaled and exited an e-commerce business, got into Forbes 30 under 30 and raised $10M+ across previous companies. We are raising a $2,000,000 Round in Q1 ‘24.

Our unique selling proposition differentiating us from competitors is to focus on paid loyalty cards vs free loyalty points. Why Now? VISA (2024), FIAT, Shopify, ZARA & more investing in open loyalty solutions while SMEs need a no-code interface. Our vision is to replace 3rd party ads decline with 1st party data sharing, while rewarding shoppers for their brand loyalty.

PS: I send these emails personally, in case you would like to be removed - just let me know

PSS: check out our latest B2B 1-pager

& that’s a wrap.

Hope you enjoyed the investor update and that you’ll send monthly yours from now on.

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