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[Get Guide] Launching a 6-figure kickstarer campaign

Without manufacturing a product

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On today’s edition: Launching a 6-figure kickstarer campaign (Full Guide At The End - Premium Only)

We often talk about VC SaaS businesses, today we switch it up to e-commerce bootstrapping, which so far was the most rewarding and exciting experience I’ve made in the entrepreneurship world.

“You don’t need to spend a cent in manufacturing a product before selling it”.

in 2021 I launched my own kickstarter campaign as my first entrepreneurial experience, hit 6 figures in 30 days and ended up selling the business 2 years later, after partnering up with Lufthansa and getting featured as Forbes 30 under 30 in Retail.

This is all you need to make it happen in 10 steps:

Among the most important pieces of content I want to share first that the most important piece to launch a successful campaign (and product) is to have profitable ad spend on social media, or break even ROAS - Return On Ad Spent.

By monitoring and optimizing your break-even ROAS, you can ensure a profitable marketing strategy for your ecommerce business.

This is how it can look like in a real-world scenario:

This means that if spending $1 in ads I get back at least $1.38 in revenue, then I can continue scaling the advertising costs.

Pro Tip: You can get easily lost when scaling ads and reducing pricing to improve sales. Make sure you always know if you are hitting your break even ROAS at the current price point before scaling ads.

Wanna read how you can do this too?

The full guide (Member Only) will give you an high level overview of:

● How to sell your product before manufacturing it

● How to create a sustainable e-commerce business with an original design

● How to sell you 6-figures e-commerce within 24 months of launching it

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