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🟠🔴 How we got into Mastercard Start Path Pulse

& how to write an investor update

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On today’s edition: how to write an investor update pt.2 + How we got into Mastercard Start Path Pulse.

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After 10+ calls & interviews we were able to convince close a partnership with a giant like Mastercard with our startup hypeal.com.

Although this is just an initial, exploratory partnership , it is a massive achievement since only a few startups have this opportunity & access to Mastercard internal APIs and customer portal visibility.

So how did this happen?

  • We outlined a fresh approach to a Mastercard-specifc problem that we could solve with our blockchain tech

  • We connected across the organization to get different perspectives on the problem and the current internal solutions

  • We outlined a plan on how we could make it happen fast as a lean team vs using massive investments in tech & people as a corporate player

& this is how we announced it to our investor update list:

These are the most significant updates of hypeal.com this month: 

  • 🌐 Focus on Open Loyalty. 69% of shoppers think loyalty programs are “too hard” & 70% of brands worry about 3rd party advertising decline. Swapping brand benefits with hypeal.com reduces complexity of managing multiple programs for consumers, while creating a new 1st party marketing opportunity for brands. --> Latest Pitch

  • 🟠🔴 We got accepted to Mastercard Start Path Pulse. In Pulse, hypeal.com will be visible to Mastercard teams and customers globally, have API directory access & Mastercard brand association.

  • 📈 8% (vs 2% Jan'24) of checkouts of loscarabeo.com contained a HYPE in Feb '24. A/B testing HYPES as Digital Collectibles vs Loyalty Cards increased conversion rate by 400% for the former. This is a great sign of early product market-fit.

  • 📊 MoM HYPE usage growth  +53% Feb '24, +36% Jan '24 - first MRR transaction completed thanks to our private shopify app launch, to be scaled with our public launch. Also, currently it costs us $3 to get a lead & $86 to get a free trial.

  • 🚀 19x HYPES live pages: see all. We tested launching HYPES for digital creators, although focusing on brands is working much better to integrate our solutions on existing stores. 

Interested in our current investment round?

Book here your 1:1 with me.

Thanks for following our journey!

& that’s a wrap.

Hope you enjoyed the investor update and that you’ll send monthly yours from now on.

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