We met with 50+ investor & didn't raise

Sounds familiar?

On today’s edition: What to do when you can’t raise from investors. Sponsored by Fuel Finance Free Valuation Calculator

“You need to meet 100 investors to get a term sheet”.

Sounds like an inefficient process, right?

I am half way through now in our seed fundraise & still didn’t manage to get a favourable termsheet to scale hypeal.com.

“So, what do we do now?”

We pivoted efforts to customers.

Our pitch deck reflected too much what investors wanted to hear and not what customers needed.

The great thing is that potential customers are “easier” than investors. Talking to them will help you get that very needed traction to raise & will boost your confidence after many rejections. Your team should do it, but you - the founder - should do it too. Speak to prospects and close clients or beta testers.

So - if you are struggling to raise after a lot of meetings - go back to the basic. Get more customer, Get Recurring Revenue (The key metric to convince investor), Keep your investor list updated & try again after 2-3 months.

Lastly: make sure to track your ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) pipeline, estimating the value of each prospect customer you are speaking to. This is more credible than your pre-seed financial projections for investors!

hypeal.com ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) Seed Pipeline From Customer Outreach

You’ll thank me later!

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