How to launch a 15k+ newsletter

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On today’s edition: How to launch a 15k+ Newsletter.

Owning your audience is the best thing you can do in 2024.

Advertising is expensive and competitive, but nothing can take a way the audience you have built.

You should launch a newsletter in most cases:

  • You want to start a new business on a topic, but not sure about the business model yet. (You can test multiple ones with newsletters)

  • You want to grow an online business (e-commerce, creator, SaaS)

  • You want to grow an offline business (restaurant, gym, etc)

Newsletters skyrocket your idea or current business to >6-figures?

Follow my formula to achieve this:

Scalable Business = Newsletter Growth (Paid Ads) + Subscriptions (Paid Content) + Newsletter Referrals + Paid Service

I used this formula to scale this publication to 15k+ subscribers, profitably.

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